Seeds of Santosa - Tadasana with Arun

There is a mini-story behind Sri Arun having a foam pad strapped to him....

About a week and a half ago I came back from another wondrous week in Naples with Sri Arunji and his very accessible, simple, philosophical yog.

His message & practice is a paradox razor-like dissection with a gloved hand of "Maitri" friendliness. Razor-like? Well yes, you feel every asana as keenly as you allow it to get into you. You do more that you think you can and more than you thought you were doing. (Surprise!)

At the beginning of the 4 day session there was repeated emphasis on Tadasana, not just standing in it, like we sometimes do, but after each standing pose - Tadasana - bring the previous pose into your Tadasana. Asking yourself time and again, bodily, "what did I learn just now?" with your brain not in the way. So simple. So obvious. 

The other thing I found myself doing is Pranayama in the poses. Not consciously at first, but holding the poses Ujjayi became essential to be able to explore what I was and was not doing and looking for stillness. 

Guruji left us with a very clear, simple, yet multi dimensional practice to explore, experiment & experience (3Es!) & make your own practice. Arun's practice embodies with philosophy. To be around him in his practice is impressive, to be his student is enlightening, to be a guest in his presence is intimidating, very few people are so powerful as to be completely quiet and yet open to all possibilities of conversation, though he does his best in all three states to put you at ease - quite successfully.

If you get the chance, his classes are not to be missed.