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Neck & Shoulders 3 - Restorative and Therapeutic

  • Iyengar Yoga St. Petersburg 6480 Central Avenue Saint Petersburg, FL, 33707 United States (map)

Modern work/life practices make it tough to maintain a healthy posture and areas of the body to experience chronic pain, neck and shoulders are highly susceptible, often giving rise to headaches through "carried tension" in this area.

In final of three Iyengar YOGA workshops, furthering the exploration of the shoulder complex, using traditional and more adaptive āsana with an emphasis on restorative work to put the bones and muscles in a neutral place and allow tension to dissipate and relieve the body from pain.
If you are experiencing chronic pain, then call us to see how Iyengar Yoga can help you long term; first to be free of pain and then to maintain pain-free movement.

Always consult your physician for advice when dealing with chronic issues.